Indorelations is a sincere effort of ours to redefine relations with India. It is a cumulative effort and thoughts of many hearts which carry Indian Culture deep in the core. Although our operational base is not within Indian boundaries, but our efforts are based to bring the latest and best of India, to the world. Our efforts are result of motivation to develop relation of every heart, which respect and is interested to know the India.

India, in itself, is a huge democracy with so many religions and languages assimilated in its vastness. Its diversity and completeness from North to South and East to West is so hard to believe but so simple to understand. Even with diversity and complexity in outlook, the whole country is bind with emotions of love and patriotic feeling of oneness. Our efforts is to develop that relation further with everyone who always dreamt to be a part of this uniqueness.

We strive the support of everyone who would like to contribute in developing this passion. We seek help from all well wishers to spread this passion to as many as possible. Everyone is invited to provide their feedback, suggestions and improvement which we could use to make this passion more enjoyable and bigger.

We have started this efforts from Australia and strive to touch other boundaries of World, to spread this passion to as many as possible. Our start is based on our passion and dream and we believe this passion will grow as more of us will join hands.