Are we clean?


Anew wave of cleanliness is on the way in India. Is that real or build up? A leader initiated the model and it has been spread like a wild fire. Will that really clean the country? We trust so, but doubt overcomes that thought. Why?
Don’t we have municipal councils to clean the streets and keep it clean? Yes and no. They are and they clean it, but still why the streets are dirty. We guess they are not doing their job properly, they are. Do we really respect people who clean streets for us? We don’t by creating mess again.
The wave has been taken from western countries where everyone is being pushed to keep their home and surroundings clean. The responsibility has been thrown back to citizens to keep it clean. They have councils who tend to keep the city clean, but residents share their responsibility to maintain that standard. They don’t mess on streets, even their dogs poo, will be collected in a bag and dump properly. We find the wave artificial until, we really realize what we are giving back to our society.
If we can keep our home and surroundings clean and oath not to mess on streets, Indian can be as clean in an year as any other western countries. Responsibility relies on us, not on others. We reckon many problems in society starts and ends with us. Lets be a change, and not a part of a change.

The Yorker

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There was a time when a Yorker was the strongest delivery for any fast bowler to hold the batsmen to his crease, in gentlemen’s game, Cricket. If not a sure shot, to get wickets, it always helped bowlers to restrain batsman within white lines. Even though with the time batsmen found the way to save their wicket on Yorkers, but still that ball could prove to be a killer, if delivered with perfection.
It surprises us, that why today bowlers are afraid to use them, specially, during last overs? Though a common observation is that while attempting, bowlers many end up with a full toss and more runs against them, but, still with many tools, technology and experience, it seems bowlers these days are finding it hard to get a perfection in it. Even those who perfected it in the past, are bowling coaches now, and still their disciples scare to attempt. Eventually, it makes us believe that the charm and dedication to perfect it, is a challenge.
With the changing swing of cricket, T20 has taken a top slot, among the liking of other options. In a fast pace innings, this form of cricket supports batsmen than bowlers. Every bowler struggles to keep the batsman calm in this form of cricket, yet the usage of Yorker is not common. With great seam bowlers like Curtley Ambrose of West Indies, Wasim Akram of Pakistan Kapil Dev of India, a wicket on Yorker was common sight. Either they perfected themselves to it, or the batsmen didn’t know the technique to play it safe.
A delight to eyes and dream of bowlers, we feel we will miss Yorkers like Test Cricket, but always wish to get that dream bowl being used atleast once, with perfection.

A new direction

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India in summers have got another heat wave. That wave is NaMo. Now that he has taken the charge of the most prestigious post of India, all eyes are set on his performance and ability to tackle outstanding issues. It is not easy to predict the future where he will take India, but the history has been re-written and hopes are at their prime.
With the 10 priority points and 100 days of short term planning to achieve goal, NaMo has hit the nail with perfect projection. Every business philosophy says to make short term goals to achieve long term targets, and this formula proved successful for many business houses. With their promises and enthusiastic speeches, the cabinet has set a very high benchmark for themselves.
We certainly don’t want to see what happened in Delhi elections, but on the other hand, shall contribute our best to bring their efforts successful. Mr Kejariwal has done the same by involving common masses, but couldn’t execute the hopes on a bigger platform. May be he lacked experience, but certainly NaMo must have learnt a lesson from him and will play with all guards on.
His instructions to team, to get involved with common public and get ideas from them is another valuable idea, if implemented properly, it can turn out to be great tool to amend the corrupt and unorganized government machinery. A solution lies in the problem itself, and the solution to a common man problem lies in their hearts too. They only need a tool to express their thoughts and what’s better than a social media than that.
Let’s play our part and get involved in helping the government to run the system transparently and efficiently. Come join the wave and be a part of this change.

The new Wave


The Modi wave has done its wonder and Indians are feeling proud to have Narendra Damodardas Modi (aka NaMo), as their new leader. The urge of change and desire to see the new face of India, has bring a new revolution in India.
With immense use of technology, social media and brilliance in striking the mind set of Indians, NaMo has emerged as a victorious in hearts and minds of Indians. Never in past, the elections were fought with such vague and never had been any leader, since Indira Gandhi, had been able to touch the string of Indian hearts. Not only the ideology, but deliverance of emotions with perfection on right subjects with perfect timing, NaMo has portrayed a shining India for all of us. The deliverance of thoughts using technology, social media and other media to reach to a common man in every possible way has changed the idea with which the elections will be fought, in future.
NaMo’s future deliverance is a question in many hearts, but hope to see a changing India is in billion eyes. His model of development in Gujarat has set a benchmark for him to replicate the same on larger platform. Masses supported a change and expecting deliverance to live with a hope of bright future.
Not only within India, but people outside India have their eyes on his policies and strategies. Many leave India in a hope to have a bright future. With the hope of emerging changes, many would like to head their way back and be a part of growth. With sour past experience of Mr Kejariwal in Delhi, Indians have stake their bets again at national level.
The trust shall not be betrayed and hope not doomed, Indians are heading their way for a new era of shine and growth. Let’s be a part of it and help the governance to achieve what is expected. A single person can not bring a change. His ideas can motivate others, but only a team can make impossible possible. We all have to contribute to sustain this change and push India towards emerging player in this World. We are in it, Are you?

Life and Traffic


No one can assess and signify anything more than their life. Our life faces many challenges every day for our survival, permanence and growth. Travelling is one of the neediest desires of ours and a way we challenge our life everyday with it. We do trust ourselves and others while driving or travelling. We all have equal right for the space. Outrageously we still endanger it and others, almost everyday. The moment we step out of the home, we struggle to attain our destination. We leave with a hope to gain something and everyday more than 500 of us doesn’t make it. Whom can we blame for this, government, others or ourselves? Aren’t we all equally responsible for the outcome? The traffic congestions, risks, driving manners, prioritising us than others, frustrations are common observations on roads.
We have been mocked by many for the outrageous behaviour on Indian roads. People love our nation and culture but are so afraid to come on the road. Whoever comes, leaves with an impression that if people can’t value their own life, then how them can value others? Times now and then we see huge consequences of being uncouth on road, but with our short memory we tend to forget all with time.
India has a death rate of 18.7 per 100,000 every year, which means 1,87,000 of us gets punished for being out of home. Every single death affects atleast 3 others, which means more than half a million gets affected for being on road, every single year.
We can start a change. Let’s value life and follow traffic rules. It won’t take much but will increase the value of discipline and patience in our life. We experienced a much smoother driving and a sense of safety by following rules. We understand others are equally responsible, but how about a start with ourselves and sending message to others.
Lets value life, and make a commitment to value others too…..

Child Education

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Every revolution is a fire ignited by those who had knowledge and passion. We trust, the best source of knowledge is education. We sometimes undermine the importance of being educated, but certainly education can make one distinct, if used wisely. Looking outside India, Indians have won laurels in every field where they have enough education and proved themselves in all spheres. Education lifted them and made us proud. With globalisation and advanced technology, spreading knowledge and education is easy. The rise of middle class in countries like India and China is due to their shift towards education.
Looking at some stats, 37% of world population is still in the crack of illiteracy. Out of that India contributes a huge portion, as around 287 million are still unprivileged being literate. Even though, officially a state in India is 100% literate, we can imagine the spread of illiteracy in other states. As quoted from Wikipedia “According to the CIA World Factbook, almost 75% of the world’s 775 million illiterate adults are concentrated in ten countries (in descending order: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo)”.
In western countries, Education is not a discussion, but a choice you made. How much and how far you want to study, is your decision. Government supports all who are willing to be educated. We certainly lack that in India, where education is still a discussion of affordability. We have failed to build enough system to make education affordable to all. Improvements have been made, but not enough to eradicate this problem completely.
Indorelations has taken its first step towards empowering people with knowledge and education. In our limits we have taken a challenge to educate 4 kids and support their education. It might be a very small start but if we could be able to change one single life, then it will be most valuable work, we could ever do with our efforts. Let’s empower people with education, so that they can also contribute in selecting government, bringing more ideas, improvement in living standard, more understanding in society and development and growth of India.
We invite everyone to contribute as much as you could in this noble cause and eradicate this like we made our country Polio free. Those who are privileged and can’t help financially, there are other ways to help – like teaching, helping in understand the parents benefits of education, support with unused old books, spending time to raise awareness, spreading on social media or whenever we get the opportunity. Let’s spread it and keep this noble cause going.

Prologue to voyage the Australia


Few years back this time of the year, I was talking to myself and asking, if I had taken the right decision to move across many oceans and landed in a very distinctive country, Australia? My doubts arose from all that I had experienced in past years of my childhood and youth. I always wondered what actually made this country so distinct that inspite of other known lands, I decided to move here.
Then I started to look around closely. I find the huge advantage which others may not possess, and that was a respect for life. Wherever so you belong from, but admiration of the life is a precedence, wherever you go. I find people respecting freedom to live, move, think, act and even express yourself. So what was actually different from my land. That giving was not only in talks but in actions. On shopping centres, streets, public transports everywhere, precautions are taken to safeguard the life to extreme.
The very next consideration directs to humour, which you can sense all around. You are served with smile, left with a joke to share. Wherever the life moves, humour does with it. My perception was a less stressful society, with government’s contribution in favour of heavy taxes obliged. Life must be easy, made me more excited to quench my thirst. After years, I figured out the stress that prevails in every aspect of life. They still could manage to create a humour out of stress, is something I learnt and admire here.
I speculate, ramble and eventually went back to the same legitimacy, where life is considered as an extreme gift and others rights are respected. Enjoyment of life, is the prime, the way, though, is decided by every individual on their own.
I slowly got the idea, the assimilation of my nature to the spirit of this land unclosed many exquisiteness and the quench still prevails to uncover more . Can you enjoy your time and life? A questions stands infront of all of us, but not all of us have the answer to it. We sometimes struggle with the same questions throughout our life, but answer lies just in ourselves.
Yes, we can. Just efforts are to be made to break the thoughts with which we tie ourselves. And that came to me from where? I still find none to blame but myself.

With Love


A Welcome Note


This is a heartfelt note to welcome all who already are a member of this community. I would also like to welcome everyone with open heart to provide their feedback in upraising this effort to its prime. Our urge to spread the oneness and bound everyone in one string of love has given us the motivation to bring this dream to everyone. Many sincere efforts have been contributed to shape this community from scratch. Many thoughts were involved to enhance the beauty and spirit of this thought. Many have already contributed in spreading the feelings and many joined to share their love. We would like to thank you all for their efforts, contributions and dedication to bring this thought to reality. We also thanks all who has joined this effort in their prime days and provide their valuable feedback to boost it to next level.

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