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First Few Step in Western Countries


An experience from one of Indorelations community member. It is related to problems many of us feel as we step into western countries for our future. Everyone starts with few basic necessities which include food, shelter and work. Even though we all have backup from out native place, but still the urge to prove ourselves and the motivation we get by looking at others who are already working hard to make their living, pushes us to do something quickly. The first issue is to find a place to settle, as many of us had spend some nights on platforms or in a very tidy place. Second is to get through the way to find some work, specially for students when they have restricted hours to work. Finally to find the right food which keeps us going. I propose my experiences and hope if it could help others to find their way easy.


Finding a shelter which fits in the budget is most challenging. Either you carry enough money with you and take shelter in backpackers motel, which are cheaper but still expensive to live on your own, or before you land find a friend, relative or known who could pick you from airport and provide some basic necessities at start. If things go well you can accommodate else move yourself out as once you find a convenient place, which could be sharing with someone else, living in studio apartments (which are cheaper but affordable) or in students accommodation. Depending on personal preferences and conditions shelter is the one thing which you want to tick off at the earliest. Finding a work can be tricky or if fortunate very easily. If you are sharing with someone ask them to help you or whoever you met. Your own countrymen may turn out to be more helpful in getting yourself a job. I preferred customer service, as it gave me an opportunity to understand the accent and knowledge to deal with natives. But never give up a hope to find the work which you are willing to do. Hard work dedication and right placement helps everyone to make their way through. Don't feel shy to share your issues with whom you trust as even one helpful person can get you through to many dangerous waves. Choices are ample, but finding the right one for you is the most challenging thing. Finally, most western countries have become fusion of different cultures. So everywhere you can find ample food and taste of your choice, again it is personal preference to cook or eat out. Surely eating together with few always turn out to be cheaper and so is cooking at home. But depending on the pocket, you can chose your preferences. I made my way through people I know, hard work, past experience and dedication to get what i expected from myself. But never forget to keep the rope tight and with full strength and never let it go, as one day you will get what you desire, early or late will be what is best for you.

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