Bharat known to world as India, has always contributed great  minds, thinking, discoveries and base to development of many inventions, to this World. India has the oldest known culture and one of the biggest democracies in the world. Even with diversity of 28 states and 7 Union Territories, in every field India has gifted many stalwarts who with their dedication and knowledge made true many things, which were once imaginations. The uniqueness and integrity of India still prevails, even with the fact that 29 different languages are spoken in India, which excludes dialects and many languages spoken by immigrants from different countries.

Our effort in Indorelations is to bring close the hearts of all whose strings attached to the beat of this nation. Our sincere effort is to make everyone aware of the cultural contributions of Indians outside India and within India. From religious celebrations to cultural festivals, Indians are keeping that vibe alive with their efforts and love for this nation. Through this website we will try our extreme to aware everyone of the these activities going around in their state or country.

Our vision is to bring the hearts close to this great culture, its magic and the soul which keeps billions together. In true sense, Indorelations is dedicated to all those who could, couldn’t and strive to be a part of this culture. With the support we will try to achieve our mission and spread it continuously worldwide.

Our efforts are starting from Australia, but soon we will try our best to bring it across to different nations of the world and set a hub for everyone to share their love for India.